What to do if you don’t have a play store installed?

A Google play store is a default app in your android device and in case you are not finding it either you have deleted it by accident or it was not meant to be for your version of phone. Before getting it into your device, you have known whether play store will be supported by the version of your device. This won’t be the case most of the time and download play store is easy. Play store is like online store where you can easily have access to thousands of apps. There are free as well as paid apps available in the play store app. And paying is also easy with payment option available for your account. In case you don’t have enough to buy, you can easily have a wish list to collect the apps which you can buy later. All these great features are there. Not only an android user will benefit, non-android users can also get it by downloading just an APK file.

install play store

Like any other app you will install play store in APK format. You will have to download this file from some reputable sites. Once you download the APK file suiting your version, just click to it. Once you click it and the download is done, your Google play store is now part of your device. You will have to have a Google account to access it. In order to download some app outside your play store, you will have to check the box of unknown sources which will allow installations of apps outside play store. Once you are done with the app installation, you can uncheck it once again. Open the app and login with your Google account to get stated and enjoy all the benefits of having one app for the access of all the apps.