What persuades a consumer to buy?

We live in a world where everyone is running after money, so they can buy more and more products. The idea of consumerism has been placed in our mind just like a mobile update. The very idea that advertisements and our needs embed in our mind persuade us to buy and product that we may need or want. However top marketing people have often tried to crack the mystery about the factors that persuade a consumer to buy any product. There are two types of factors that are primarily considered, they are internal factors and external factors.

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Internal factors are those which cover our needs and wants that arise because of our own behaviour. It’s when we ourselves make an effort to recognise what we want. External factors on the other hand are those external stimuli which affect us from the outside. Such external factors include things such as advertisements, word of mouth of other people. They also include offers such as discount codes, voucher codes and coupons. The world of marketing has evolved a lot in the past two decades. Great marketing teams create such an amazing brand image that in the consumer’s eye that everyone wants to buy the product irrespective of the need. The brand positioning and is an important thing that persuades a normal consumer to buy any product.

When a consumer finds a product that may improve his social status, it makes him more inclined towards buying it, irrespective of his need. A lot of such items are luxury products such a car, expensive mobile phones. We have allowed consumerism in our society to that extend where we don’t even consider it wrong and this will eventually become a problem in our society. Although, this is a great news people that work in the marketing fields as their job has become a lot easier.