Know about the Different Types of Auto Glasses

It doesn’t matter whether you own a vehicle of your own or not it’s important for you to know about the different types of auto glasses. After all, a little bit of extra knowledge doesn’thurt. And you never know when your knowledge may come in handy!

What Are The Different Types Of Auto Glasses?

The different types of auto glasses that you find in a vehicle includethe following:

  1. /Windscreen Auto Glass: Windshield is perhaps the most important type of automotive glass which you have on your vehicle. This is because it acts as a support for the roof and at the same time also protects you from the gushing winds while you are driving. The windshield of a vehicle is usually tinted in order to improve the visibility for the person who is driving.

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  1. Front and Rear Door Auto Glass: Depending on the type of tint both the front and the rear door auto glass differs to acertain Like for example, the windows on both the sides of the driver cannot have tinted glasses that reduce the transmission of light less than 32% or increase the light reflectance more than 20%.
  2. Back Window Auto Glass: Back glass of a vehicle has the same limitations regarding the window tinting as in the case of windshield and front door auto glass or rear door auto glass.
  3. Vent Glass and Quarter Glass:Vent and quarter glasses of a vehicle can be of different sizes depending on the model and the structure of the car or vehicle that you use.

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